Please kick me while I am down

I say this with all sincerity. My father passed away today, my mother is having surgery tomorrow, and I am still waiting on the results of my mammogram. With all of the turmoil, please, kick me while I am down so I do not have to go through much more for much longer.

I have realized, it is much easier to deal with all of the bad news at once than to have it fed to you over and over again during an extended period. So, now that my roller coaster has begun, I will buckle up my harness and just roll along.

I have a tremendous support system and I appreciate the fact my youngest son was able to take off of work to be with me, and my co-workers are supportive.

I got home from work, had some rolled tacos and a stiff drink of Jack (my dad’s favorite). Here is to you old man and to you being so stubborn you would not even get in the ambulance yesterday. I love you and I will forever be grateful for the short time we had together. Your stories of the Navy and the shipboard life of a boatswains mate were always entertaining and your fight for Veteran’s rights were energizing. Thank you Dad for everything you did.

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