You, your horse, your village, and my observation

Do you have a horse? Did you ride in on a horse? Can you pay for freaking horse? Or, better yet, can you pay for your car, your rent, and your children?

If you are in your early twenties, I am willing to bet that you may not have the education and I am willing to guess that if you have children, you cannot afford them. I would also bet the horse is broken and close to making it to the glue factory.

So, please explain to me why the hell I should give a damn about your issues?  Why should I support your life choices?   Here is why…  you may be a complete screw up, but, your children should not suffer because of your complete ignorance. While I cannot afford to raise everyone’s children, my village will always step up and help when needed. The village that raised me taught me that life happens and sometimes you need to ask ..  My village is strong enough to help out others.

Where is your village? Why doesn’t your village step up to the plate?

Is your village so broken that it cannot even raise you and your bad decisions up? If, so, I would consider finding a new village.  Everyone is faced with decisions and sometimes we make poor ones. When those decisions impacts another human being, is there any sort of warning that alarms us

Do not get me wrong, I know that life happens and there are some things that just cannot be helped and I realize that. But, what chaps my behind more than anything is when someone wants to sit and judge…  and it may sound like I am judging, but I am not. I think it important that everyone make a difference in a child’s life and I was the afforded that opportunity this past weekend.

Everyone is pretty familiar with the saying “Random act of kindness”, but how many of us can say we have done it? How many of us can say that we do it without expectations? It is pretty hard to do. I am selfish, self-centered, and spoiled. I admit this, but my village that raised me also taught me tolerance.

So I challenge you to help someone in your village and be tolerant.

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