I grew up with pets.  My mom is a huge animal lover, but somewhere along the way, I became indifferent towards having a pet.

It could have been Fifi the dog that monopolized my entire summer because I had to dog sit her all day while she was confined to a play pen and then I had to carry her out to do her business.  I could have been the ill cat that lost all bowel function on numerous items of clothing or other items that were important to me.  I do know, it wasn’t Pepper the kitten that my mom rescued from work and brought home for me.  Pepper used to walk me to school and be at the corner at the end of the day.  This went on for a few years and she was an amazing companion.  As the years went on and the pets passed on, my indifference grew.

In my early twenty’s, I was lucky enough to stumble across Maverick, a Chow that I rescued when I was living in Fallon.  Maverick was another great companion to me and to my family.  After a few years with Maverick, my job changed and so did my hours.  I soon realized that with my young family and my job, I was neglecting Maverick.  It broke my heart to know he was not getting the best care from me.  I knew what I had to do, I found an adoptive home that was just up the street and Maverick was welcomed with open arms.

A little more than 3 years ago my husband began mentioning he wanted a dog.  Not just any dog mind you, he had a breed already picked out.  A Bull Terrier.  Thus began the long journey into looking into reputable breeders, checking their backgrounds, looking into blood lines, etc.  After about 7 months, we found everything we were looking for.

REBA!  She made the flight from Kentucky and never looked back 🙂  Now, did I mention my indifference towards pets?  That has gone out the window.  I look forward to writing more about my Bully.

Sunday Supper

What an interesting afternoon/evening. We were trying to get our son motivated to prepare a meal… Not an easy thing to do. Tylor is the king of fast food and the microwave and it has to be a one step deal. Last night he agreed to prepare our Sunday night supper. He had an idea of making a soup with some beef, cilantro, avacado, chips… sounded like a beef version of tortilla soup. Okay, we are giving it a try.

Lloyd found a pretty easy recipe guide to start with.

Complain complain complain. He doesn’t like to brown ground beef, he said the smell makes him sick.. Needless to say, I browned the beef and the onion that he so graciously chopped. He was kind enough to open all of the cans and put some of them in the pot.

The kitchen floor had chopped onion and cilantro because it obviously needed some added flavor.

Now the soup is simmering and I will finish it up and with any luck, he will slice up the avocado. I just hope it turns out delicious since I have to take it for lunch tomorrow.

Reality of it all is, Tylor has no choice but to eat at home tonight, the truck is in the shop with some expensive repairs that need to be made, therefore, he is grounded (ha ha).