Rearview – Work

As I reflect on the past few years, I am beginning to ask myself, “Am I trying to make up for lost time?”

My answer, “Yes I am, because I can.”

My passion has always been USN and support.  My mother worked for the Navy and payroll so her passion and dedication to supporting others  is ingrained.

I had a couple of different conversations this past week that made me reflect about a few things.  Here is what I came up with:

I am an adult and quite frankly, I am tired of carrying the load of other adults.

Our job changes every day due to political climate and the next best idea.  If you don’t know that by now, I can’t help you and I don’t want to listen to you bitch about it.  CHANGE your attitude for f*cK sake.

Singling out co-workers because you are having a bad day should not be my problem and for f*cK sake it shouldn’t be the problem of the customer walking through the door!  Stay home, take one of your precious vacation days!

If you don’t like the above, get another job or quit complaining about it!

Be open with your team!  If you are having an off day, let someone know so they can rally the troops and give some support.  Don’t make me play guessing games and then try to defend you.

TEAM TEAM TEAM!   That means we all work together!  We spend more waking hours with each other than we do with our families.

Guess what???  Those co-workers that you complain about have some of the skills that you need.  Work together.

Do your job with the passion that you once had.  Imagine your child walking through those doors and getting automatic push back.

Educate our sailors/soldiers and their spouses.  Make a positive difference if you can.

My 8-13 hour days are kicking my butt, but it is worth it if I can end it on a positive note.

Those of you who may read it and be offended by it, I will not apologize for putting my thoughts down and publishing them on my blog/facebook.

Step up and do another 10%, I will continue to do mine

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