Reba 2

Reba is an amazing dog.  She offers all of the comforts of a great friend and all of the responsibilities of a child.  I recently learned that Reba’s breeder passed away and I was looking for some great Bully insight that he gave and below is a culmination of what I could find from other Bully owners and what I can recall.

Bully’s and Reba like to have their own place that we can’t encroach on…  their crate/kennel.  They don’t like to be there for long periods, but like the ability to go there if they want.

It’s all about ME!

I am a lap dog regardless of how wide my chest or my head gets

There’s no place like my daddy’s lap when I want to take a nice nap

I know how to open doors and that makes me dangerous

My daddy is a sound sleeper.  I love bursting through the door and jumping on top of him

Sometimes when dad is sleeping, he really needs a Bully hat

Belly scratches are awesome

Nothing makes people laugh more than a crazy bully run (so you should do them a lot)!!

A king size bed is not large enough, I must have room!  If you are in it, it should be at least the width of a double size trailer

Walk, walk, walk…. Okay, but only for a few minutes, then I have to rest

I love to dictate where everyone is at all the time.  I will heard you to where I want you to be

I enjoy being outside, baking in the sun but only for a short amount of time.  Please be standing by the back door so you can let me inside when I desire

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so you should try to eat at least 2 a day. This works best if you can convince mom that you haven’t been fed yet and will wither away (and possibly die) if not fed IMMEDIATELY!!

Fetch…  I want you to chase after me to get the ball, one caught, I want you to throw it and praise me.

I CAN SEE YOU.  I don’t have to move my head or open my eyes completely.  I can still see you.

They say, Bull Terriers are “Clowns in a Dog Suit”.  I must agree.

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