Motivation and Raina

I had back surgery in Nov 2010.  I am a wonderful success story BUT, it is only because of my support system that included my husband, son Tylor, dog, family and my entire work team.  If it wasn’t for all of them working as a cohesive unit, I wouldn’t be here today.

Today I am excited to say that I can work a full 8 – 12 hour day.  I am saddened that I still can’t do extensive walking or standing.  I am grateful that I have a family that understands.  I am thankful I can work an entire day, but saddened that my weekends are spent off my feet and doing nothing but sitting in front of the TV because of my 50 hour week.  I am super thankful the majority of my days are spent pain free.

I am grateful my beautiful granddaughter Raina is my motivation.

I am thankful the only thing that I have to try to do right now is slow down, eat right and exercise.  But, isn’t that what we are supposed to do?

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